Siding Brakes & Tools

Van Mark - Mark II Contractor Siding Brake

Starting at $667.34

Mark II Series Siding Brake: Building upon the reputation of the Mark I Series, the Mark II TrimMaster arrives with leading technologies such as the Power Lock bar & POWERslot technology for easier bending, making smaller channels and hollow core...

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Van Mark - Trim-A-Brake Siding Brake

Starting at $94.95

Trim-A-Brake II Our most versatile utility brake, the Trim-A-Brake II, was designed for our contractors who are constantly on the go. This light-weight brake loads into the truck quickly for use among multiple crews and requires little setup or...

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Van Mark 3017 Trim Cutter


TrimCutterCuts alum, copper, galv steel, zinc & stainless steel. TrimCutter uses a unique 4 point track bearing system to ensure tool doesn't ride off the brake during cut. Low profile grip area allows you to direct power along the plane of the cut...

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Side Track Saw Table


Side Track Saw Table (Note: Side Track table does not include the saw)     Easy, Accurate, Repeatable Cuts. No cords. No limits.​ The Siding Saw Table Pros Use.   The Side Track Saw Table utilizes a screw-on attachment to...

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Tapco 11676 Siding Tools Brake Buddy 11676


This revolutionary tool can add value to your business by allowing you to deliver enhanced style and individuality to trim work. Use the Brake Buddy to produce brickmold trim and decorative ribs from trim coil in seconds. The measurement guide and...

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Van Mark - Mark I Series Siding Brake

Starting at $659.44

Mark I Series Siding Brake: NO FRILLS OR GIMMICKS, JUST GOOD CRAFTSMANSHIP & DEPENDABILITY!Van Mark Products, known throughout the industry for the superior quality of its products and customer service, continues the proud tradition with the Mark I...

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Van Mark 3978 Multi Gauge Angle Guide (PAIR)


Van Mark Multi Gauge Angle Guide The Multi Gauge™ is one of those tools that any Van Mark brake user should not be without. Its lightweight design and versatility makes it easy to set up and easy to use. No more guessing on bend angles, no more...

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PRO 14 Siding Brake #PRO14

Starting at $1,739.00

Tapco's exclusive Unilink technology! Never adjust your brake again. 14" (35,6 cm) throat depth with patented large inside working pockets and a 2 3/8" (6 cm) mouth opening. Lightweight, high tech anodized alloys and computer designed die castings for...

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PRO 19 Siding Brake

Starting at $1,472.00

Tapco's exclusive Unilink technology! Never adjust your brake again. 19" (48,3 cm) throat depth largest in the industry for more efficient bending. Stores material inside bender reduces handling and flipping of material and speeds up bending. The PRO 19...

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Tapco Siding Tools ProTrax Saw Table

Starting at $1,080.98

Tapco Siding Tools ProTrax Saw Table #11850. Fast & Easy Setup. Cuts multiple angles from 3/12 to 12/12. Weight estimated at 82 lbs. Sub-structure provides self cleaning surface. Accommodates almost any 7 1/4" circular saw. Captured saw track...

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Van Mark 3016 QuickScore


QuickScoreQuickscore scores material along the outer edge of the brake allowing downward separation and as you lift the piece up, it snaps right off into your hands where you need it. Tool uses standard utility blades (1 included in tool). The...

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Van Mark Trim A Table

Starting at $999.03

The longest running, best selling saw table. A fundamental design tempered with all the features necessary to handle any job site cutting condition was the basis for this rugged dependable design. Easy Portability Lightweight and sets up fast on any job...

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Van Mark USA2EZ 20" Throat Brakes


Van Mark Model USA2EZ 20" Throat Brakes New UniStand EZ-Go model USA1EZ, works with 14" throat brakes & Trim-A-Table saw tables. Model USA2EZ was designed specifically for Metal Master 20 brakes having a 20" throat. Engage wheels to move tool around,...

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