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Concrete Anchors


Werner A510000 Reusable Concrete Anchor


Werner A510000 Reusable Concrete AnchorOverview:Werner Reusable Concrete Anchor is a lightweight, easy to use bolt providing convenient anchorage in concrete. The anchor requires a pre-drilled hole of 3/4" and 3" deep in 3000 psi concrete. It can be used...

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Werner A510001 Mega-Swivel Concrete Anchor


Werner A510001 Mega-Swivel Steel Anchor is a robust anchorage bolt for use in concrete applications. The bolt requires a pre-drilled hole of 3/4" and 4.5" depth in 3000 psi concrete with minimum concrete thickness of 5". The D-ring swivel provides a full...

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Werner A410000 Toggle Bolt Anchor


Werner A410000 Toggle Bolt AnchorOverview:Werner Toggle Bolt anchor is an easy to install and remove anchorage for Hollow Core Concrete and Steel applications. A pre-drilled hole of 3/4" allows the toggle anchorage to be inserted and have the back flange...

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Werner A420000 Steel Builders Grip Anchor


Werner A420000 Steel Builders Grip AnchorOverview:This reusable anchor point is easily installed through holes in metal structures, and is designed to be used vertically or horizontally. Simply squeeze to twist lock, and release to activate. Features: ...

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Werner A510002 Concrete Hybrid


Werner A510002 Concrete Hybrid AnchorOverivew:Werner Concrete Hybrid The Werner Concrete Hybrid anchor is a reusable anchorage for concrete work. The anchor can easily be inserted and removed from pre-drilled 3000 psi concrete, requiring a drill hole...

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