Alum-A-Pole APJS-1 Aluminum Pump Jack System (Stages NOT included)

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  • Alum-A-Pole APJS-1 Aluminum Pump Jack System (Stages NOT included)
  • Alum-A-Pole APJS-1 Aluminum Pump Jack System (Stages NOT included)
  • Alum-A-Pole APJS-1 Aluminum Pump Jack System (Stages NOT included)
  • Alum-A-Pole APJS-1 Aluminum Pump Jack System (Stages NOT included)


Alum-A-Pole APJS-1 Aluminum Pump Jack System (Stages NOT included)

APJS-1 / Contents   Quan.
Alum-A-Pole | #APPJ Pro-Jack Pump Jack   2
Alum-A-Pole | #APPB Pro-Bench   2
Alum-A-Pole | AAP-24 - 24' Aluminum Pole Section   2
Alum-A-Pole | Pole Foot   2
Alum-A-Pole | #AABF Steel Folding Brace   2

 Package does not include Stages, Safety Net or End Rail System

Alum-A-Pole Pro-Jack Pump Jack #APPJ.

After years of research, Alum-A-Pole Corporation proudly presents the first telescopic aluminum-framed pump jack. Residential, commercial and industrial omni-capability has been achieved at last. Combine this product with the rest of our scaffolding system and you will have a totally rugged scaffolding package. By following OSHA regulations, you may go up to a 50' shoulder working height when Alum-A-Pole products are used. The Pro-Jack is conveniently lockable anywhere up to 27". Load tested to 2,500 lbs. Centralizers help to provide a silken operation. Innovative parts assure many years of professional service. Exclusive 27" wide staging capability on both Pro-Jack and Pro-Bench. Numerous mechanical advantages provide unequalled lifting capability in the pump-jack industry. 

Alum-A-Pole | Aluminum Pump-Jack Poles and Joint Connectors

Alum-A-Poles are made from a special structural aluminum that is permanently mated to a Saf-T-Grip rubber. Alum-A-Poles can be quickly spliced and used to a 50' maximum shoulder working height (which meets OSHA requirements). This is the first variation in height since the inception of OSHA. The Alum-A-Joint has 3 separate safety stops. Alum-A-Poles can be used for different height needs and uncoupled quickly for convenient storage. Erection time can be cut in half! Little or no sway. Will not crack or warp like wood. Rigid!! 20 plus years job tested on various models means proven dependability. Stackable 6' Alum-A-Joint available for 6', 12', 18' and 24' Alum-A-Pole lengths. Chatter free, exceptionally smooth operation. Absolutely positive climbing action. Alum-A-Poles will work well in all kinds of weather. Lifetime Warranty. Industrial rubber permanently mated to structural aluminum.



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    A necessity in exterior trim.

    Posted by Justin on Aug 27th 2019

    This setup will cut your siding installations in half. The only reason I gave a 4 star instead of 5 was due to the price. However, I still had no problem paying for them, because they will last me a lifetime and drive my profits up. Would definitely recommend to anyone in the exterior trim business.

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