Alum-A-Brake – Ultima "QMS" Series Aluminum Brake | with QCut & QMeasure System

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Alum-A-Brake – Ultima "QMS" Series Aluminum Brake | with QCut & QMeasure System 

Standard Bending Brake Equipped with QCut & QMeasure Systems

  • Track Mounted Quick Cutter
  • Cutter Guide Bar
  • Cutter Stop
  • 2 Measuring Arms
  • 4 Maximizers,
  • Full-size Removable Table
  • 3 Bending Handles (3 on 10’ 6” model only) 

Alum-A-Pole Corporation, the leader in the pump-jack scaffolding industry for over 40 years, is proud to bring the building trades the same high-quality production standards with our Alum-A-Brake product line! 

With 3 options available in the Alum-A-Brake Ultima "Q" Series, the Alum-A-Brake is the best brake in its class to depend on for fast, clean, crisp bends. With a 19 1/2" throat depth, you can work faster, saving valuable time on the job site. Combine with our accessories, and your professional package is complete!

• Easy, efficient hemming!
• Power lock snap for superior secure clamping!
• Replaceable hardened stainless steel jaw cover edge
• Replaceable PVC bending hinge edge
• Fold-up comfortable bending handles
• Ribbed frame castings for greater durability
• Anodized aluminum parts prevent metal oxidation discoloration transfer to material year after year
• Designed for easy installation of all Alum-A-Brake accessories and upgrades





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