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Safety Hoist

Safety Hoist Deck Extenders

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DE Series
20.00 LBS
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  • Safety Hoist Deck Extenders
  • Safety Hoist Deck Extenders
  • Safety Hoist Deck Extenders
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Safety Hoist Deck Extenders

Extend Your Possibilities

Created with you in mind, The Deck Extenders are the newest product in our lineup geared towards making your work day easier. Safely and securely lift shingles, rolled goods, HVAC units and other construction materials with The Deck Extenders.

Sold as two 9-inch extensions, this accessory will extend the width of your load deck 18 inches for a total width of 43 inches.

Compatible with all models, The Deck Extenders are easy to assemble and even easier to use. Stop letting your materials hang over the sides of your hoist and start lifting with confidence. 

Which Deck Extender is right for your hoist?

Deck Extender L
Used with our 200, 250 and 300 lb hoists.

Deck Extender XL
Used with our 400 and 500 lb hoists

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