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WPJS (2)PJ-100, 2)PJ-24P, 2)PJ-PF-4, 2)PJ-SBF, 2)PJ-WB

 WPJS (2)PJ-100, 2)PJ-24P, 2)PJ-PF-4, 2)PJ-SBF, 2)PJ-WB

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1. WPJS Werner WPJS Pump Jack Pole System WPJS (2)PJ-100, 2)PJ-24P, 2)PJ-PF-4, 2)PJ-SBF, 2)PJ-WB
2424 Werner 2424 Alu Stage 24' x 14"
2024 Werner 2024 Alu Stage 24' x 12"
PJ-100 Werner PJ-100 Alu Pump Jack
PJ-WB Werner PJ-WB Alu Pump Jack Work Bench
PJ-24P Werner PJ-24P Alu Pump Jack 24 ft Pole
PJ-18P Werner PJ-18P Alu Pump Jack 18 ft Pole
PJ-12P Werner PJ-12P Alu Pump Jack 12 ft Pole
PJ-6P Werner PJ-6P Alu Pump Jack 6 ft Pole
PJ-PC Werner PJ-PC Alu Pump Jack Pole Connector
PJ-SBF Werner PJ-SBF Alu Pump Jack Foldable Support Brace
PJ-SBR Werner PJ-SBR Alu Pump Jack Rigid Support Brace
PJ-SN Werner PJ-SN Alu Pump Jack Safety Net
PJ-ERN Werner PJ-ERN Alu Pump Jack Narrow End Rail Kit

Product Description


Industrial Ladder & Supply is Proud Werner Pump Jack systems. Beware of others trying to sell imported pole systems or stages. We have a fully trained staff waiting to help build the perfect system for any job you have. Start with the Base Package WPJS and build any configuration to fit you jobs needs. You can go 48' high and 100' or more feet long. Add as many stages or safety equipment peices needed to ensure OSHA requirements are met.

Step 1. start with base WPJS 24' pole system.
Base Package WPJS includes:
2- 24' Werner Pump Jack Poles
2- Werner Pump Jacks
2- Werner Folding Braces
2- Werner Work Benches
2- Werner Pole End Caps

Step 2. Then add your desired stages:
24' Pump Jack system with stages: 1- WPJS, 2- 2424
or 24' Pump Jack system with stages: 1- WPJS, 1- 2424 1- 2024

Step 3. Add more poles, connectors, braces, jacks or benches to go higher or longer.
48' Pump Jack system:1- WPJS, 2- PJ-24P, 2- PJ-PC,2- PJ-SBF
48' Pump Jack system with stages:1- WPJS, 2- 2424, 2- PJ-24P, 2- PJ-PC, 2- PJ-SBF

Step 4. Add Safety nets and end rail systems.

Pump Jack Components and Parts

Procedure for Replacing Upper Shackly Assembly

Procedure for Replacing Lower Shackle Assembly

Procedure for Replacing Crank Handle Assembly

Procedure for Replacing Boot Strap

Procedure for Attaching Pump Jack Safety Net

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